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How is Smartlaunch licensed and how do I make payment?
Posted by Ayuning | Smartlaunch on 15 June 2012 10:59 AM

Smartlaunch is software-as-a-service software product. For every machine that is managed and used by Smartlaunch, you need to purchase a monthly client license. The Smartlaunch Server and Administrator software is free of charge.


If you have 20 client computers and 5 Xbox consoles in your cafe, you would need 25 licenses.

25 clients X Monthly price = Your monthly cost

To view pricing information, visit the pricing and purchase page on our website.


Payment Options

Smartlaunch can be purchased in 3 ways:

  1. Monthly Subscription (instant access)
  2. Pre-paid PayPal
  3. EAN (Denmark customers only)


Monthly Subscription

  • This payment method is our recommendation
  • You only need to provide a valid credit card to make a payment and our system will charge your card every month automatically
  • With this payment method you can manage your subscription easily from Smartlaunch Login Page
  • Get access to license and product download immediately after purchase. To purchase by credit card, visiting our pricing page and choose the appropriate size package for your cafe size.


  • Pre-paid annual payments can be made in either 6 or 12 month advance payments. To calculate your bi-annual or annual payment, multiply the number of client machines, by the number of months, by your monthly cost, and your that will be your payment.  For example, 20 client computers X 12 months X $2.50 = $600 annual payment. To verify your license cost, please visiting our pricing page.
  • To make payment via Paypal, please send an email to containing the following information:
    • Company Information (Name and address)
    • Smartlaunch license email
    • Number of licenses needed
    • Contact person (including email and phone number)
    • Paypal Email (If different from license email)

Once we have received this information we will send you a Paypal invoice. Upon receiving payment, you will be emailed your license information. 


  • This payment option is only available for customers in Denmark. 
  • If you want to make a payment using Bank payment (wire transfer), please send an email to containing the following info:
    1. Company details
    2. Smartlaunch license email
    3. Number of licenses needed
    4. Contact person (incl. email and phone no)
    5. EAN Number + contact person
  • We will upload it to and you will be notified once it finished

If you have any problem making payments with any of the above methods, please contact sales

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